Black magic is one kind of act what can be initiated with the help of Witch Hunt. As per Vedic astrology few Zodiac Signs are more susceptible and easily can be brought under control and whenever there is any kind of Hypnotism are challenged those Zodiac Signs natives are used as medium. They are even more susceptible for black magic also. Easily they can fall in trap.
Some time we say that, Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign native are more prone to Cancer Diseases. This is fact, as those natives are not effected by Cancer due to their sign but due to their habit associated with their sign.
They are emotional in nature; they may not reject anyone’s idea as they wanted to make everyone happy always. In fact, they are not able to keep the promises to make everyone happy, in the same time they are sentimental in nature, they do not prefer others are insulting him. The result is clear in their attitude, so to make a patch up job, they are habituated in drinking, chewing tobacco, Smoking even they are addicted towards the use of drugs.

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