The expert and knowledgeable astrologer can find whether the native is afflicted with any kind of negative effects, that is present in his/her birth chart. As per research carried out on Black Magic and the effect on us, it is found that the Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon sign are the most effected Zodiac as per astroscience.
Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu plays a major role to trigger that act on any human being. This is also a proven fact, that if the Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu is Debilitated in natives birth chart and positioned in the twelveth house from Lagna or from Moon, that becomes automatically cured with the time. As per Vedic astrology few Zodiac Signs are more susceptible and easily can be brought under control and whenever there is any kind of Hypnotism are challenged those Zodiac Signs natives are used as medium. They are even more susceptible for black magic also. Easily they can fall in trap.
Some time we say that, Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign native are more prone to Cancer Diseases. This is fact, as those natives are not effected by Cancer due to their sign but due to their habit associated with their sign.
We should not run to the witch hunter to get rid from any black magic, instead we need to visit genuine and experienced astrologer to find the fact and its Remedy.In fact the Astrologer can remove the effect after analyzing the chart from different angles and provides remedy.

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