What is Foodastro ?

Foodastro is the brainchild of a team of Food astrologers whose mission is to provide the society and mainly to the sufferer with a Unique and scientific idea to find out the solution of their problem with the food that we everyone used to consume on daily basis. The society is running after Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Reikhi Specialists and sometimes more frequently to fake people who used to assures the sure solutions.

UIltimately people used to buy Pure Confusion and there are no ultimate solutions. Foodastro Deals only with solutions. Foodastro provides systematic and Scientifically curated menu that is well researched by our Food astrologers for the solutions of your particular problems with a nominal charge. Check it and You will be amazed.

How does Foodstro works ?

Foodastro prepared the food menu by considering various factors of Vedic Science and the food science based on the Details provided by our customers. This is not the simple way the menu is written. We have developed the critical and well researched algorithm, by which the menu is processed and the final touch is provided by our team of Food astrologers.

How does Food Menu work as a Remedy for the problem?

In the market there are Precious and Semi-Precious gemstone, various Kabach, Various types of things are available to be used as a remedy for the life problems. People used to run from one door to another door to find out the solutions, be it Marriage Problem, Love problem, Divorce related issues, Black Magic related issues etc. There are no such remedies that can assure the sure solutions for these problems nor anyone can assure.

But we at Foodastro unconditionally assures with the solutions for the categories we have designed and in future we will come up with more categories as we are working on that. That is the reason we take 72 Hrs of time to deliver the menu after receiving the payments online.

What are factors generally involved in Foodastro ?

Food is a component which has Major and Minor Components. When food is considered as astrological remedy the Colour, the texture, the metal, the Numerology, the present Transit, the degrees of the major planets and finally our Food astrologers expertise make the final menu. That is the reason to serve every Level of our society, we have economically designed our price that everyone can afford. We have

1. Seven days Menu
2. Fifteen days Menu
3. Thirty days Menu

Few critical cases need the menu to be continued for the longer durations to get the complete solutions.

Is Foodastro Really can make changes in lives of people ?

Absolutely, Foodastro is the solutions for your problem permanently. May be sometime in few critical case we advise our guests to repeat the same course of Menu for a further extended duration, but the solution would be there permanently.

In our well designed Menu you will find the Course from One Minor Meal(Break Fast) and Two Major Meals(Lunch & Dinner) with the clear consumption guide. In future there may be option to order the food online, this may take little time as we are not financially sound at this moment, more we SERVE THE DESTITUDE SECTOR WITH ONE MEAL A DAY FROM OUR SMALL EARNINGS as a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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