There are Mis-Concept surrounding about the Black Magic. The real fact is smoky in nature. There is no mention of Black Magis in our Ancient Vedic Science, what is the impact we used to realize practically.
Few things need to be followed to come out completely from that Tauma.
1. Aries Ascendant(Lagna) natives should use more whote colour in their everyday life. May be clothes, food, accessories what is required in our daily life and that is also should be on Fridays.
2. Taurus Ascendant(Lagna) natives should add Mustard seed or Mustard Powder in theor daily consumtion with food items. That need to be maintained on Wednesdays.
3. Gemini Ascendant(Lagna) natives should use more Greenish colour on their daily life, be it food ingredients, dresses, the Bed Linen etc. on Saturday. Remember that should not be followed on Wedesdays.
4. Cancer Ascendant(Lagna) natives should not smoke tobacco or they should avoid chewing or smoking tobacco on Mondays. The beetlenut need to be kept in trouser pocket on Mondays only.
5. Leo Ascendant(Lagna) native can use copper pot or Copper Glass to drink early morning water on Thrusdays, but not on Sundays. Those people can add Leafy boiled vegetables on Thrusdays either with the Major Meal or with the Minor Meals.
6. Virgo Ascendant(Lagna) natives should avoid wearing or Piercing Nose ring on any Tuesdays instead they can carryn out Nose Piercing or wearing Nose Ring on Thursdays.
7. Libra Ascendant(Lagna) native should pray to their Ista Deva facing East in the evening after Sunset on Fridays. They can use white Flower during worshipping the Lord. That Flower need to be thrown on running water not on the drainage for best results.
8. Scorpion Ascendant(Lagna) native can remove the Gemstone of Hessonite(Gomedh), if they are wearing, on Saturdays after 1.30PM IST and can wear again after 6.25PM IST, for best results.
9. Sagittarius Ascendant(Lagna) native should not quarrel with others on Thursdays even in office (for working class).They can consume 10ml of Raw milk with a pinch of grated Raw Turmeric mixed with the milk on Thursdays only.
10. Capricorn Ascendant(Lagna) native need to use Navy blue colour of bedsheet or Room linen on Saturdays. They can buy one small piece(3 inch) of Iron(mainly Rusted) from the scrap or from the Metal Scrap shop.
11. Aquarius Ascendant(Lagna) native can use one small Piece of Mud Pot and that need to taken from Earthen pot manufacturer’s place by paying small amount may be 4 Rs on Saturdays. They need to include Spinach on the Lunch time in their vegetables on Saturdays.
12. Pisces Ascendant(Lagna) native should use a Cup of Plain Curd with pinch of Sugar(if not diabetic) on any Mondays in the Morning before 7.10AM IST.

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