Astrologers, especially, the Vedic Astrologers are in contineous research of best solution to work with the food as per native birth chart.
Food is one component in our life that has no Gender, no religion, no caste nor anyone can separate food from our life. The ancient age people used to do crime for food even now a present modern day we used to fight for the food consciously or un consciously.
We may be surprized to think that we are fighting for food now a days. This isfact: whenever we see any food dishes with images, our appetite makes fluctuation within us. What does this mean, like Tamarind to think and secretions of saliva in our tongue?
There is always questions in our mind with curiosity, how the food tastes into luxury Hotels and restaurants. These same dishes may be available on common restaurants or on street food stalls. There are no differences in major or minor ingredients in all the places. Then why the curiosity exists in our mind?
The answer is very complex to explain ……………. but it is clear to understand the need of food is there at every level, be it rich or poor.
It is advisable to consult Knowledgeable astrologer who can guide the remedy with Food so that, our life becomes more easy and successful as food is life and it is available at every house.

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