Mars in the 7th house is known to bring positive changes to the one’s life. It bring success in competitive fields like business, sports or politics. It helps to improve relationships with the opposite sex and improves the native’s physical strength. 7th Mars provides the courage along with determination to take all risks and for success. This position bring good luck and success in all endeavours, but the debilitation position need to be check thoroughly in the native’s chart.

In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house is of special importance when predicting the characteristics of a spouse. This house represents the partnership and marriage sector of an individual’s life, and its sign and ruling planet, as well as its position in the horoscope, will affect the type of spouse a person will have. Additionally, the planetary aspects on the 7th house will be crucial in determining the partner’s characteristics. All these factors together will accurately predict a person’s future spouse.
In Vedic astrology, the placement of Mars in the seventh house of the birth chart indicates a beautiful, slim, and athletically-built spouse with a fair, reddish complexion.This placement also suggests that the spouse will be intelligent and have the tendency to argue.This person may also tend to be domineering in their relationships.Marriage life may be unpredictable, and the native must be mindful of the planets that influence their union. The native’s relationship with their spouse may be turbulent, and the spouse may be of a shorter stature

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