Lord Moon in our chart, plays a pivotal and Major role whether the Love affair would be successful to reach into peaceful marriage. We are at modern time better it is said Kali Yog, where everything is possible. May be that is right or wrong. In our society love and affection used to be considered next to Godliness. We say about True Love. But this is rare now a days as this has becomes a fashion. Still there are natives who used to consider love as a God.
The real fact is something quite opposite; this is applicable for both Male & Females.
There is failure in love affair in most of the cases and as per study the conversion ration into marriage through love affair is 9.2% in India. What happened to almost 91% case, is there problems or both of them had an agreement to maintain affair till marriage?
There is failure in commitment and that has created with the practice of negative way of thinking and this is again the lord Moon and its presence.
The failure love affair can be rejuvenated with the guidance and remedies and systematic use and consumption of planned food menu as this is mentioned in Vedic Science.

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